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Absorption test data


test method

A testing method for gases, particularly malodors, has yet to be officially stipulated. Consequently, the tests were conducted in accordance with the measurement method of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo, published in the Special Edition of Kankyo Gijutsu issued by the Research Institute of Environmental Technology.

Weight of the sample was 80 g. The product of each company was used as is in the dynamic tests, and the cumulative adsorption capacity was calculated by sample weight.

With respect to test apparatus, a transparent rectangular parallelepiped box with a width of 50 cm, length of 50 cm, height of 60 cm and inner volume of 0.15 m3 was made of acrylic, with a tap for sampling and a tap for introduction of gas made in the center, and a small fan for agitation was placed in the base.

The cumulative adsorption capacity was adjusted to a concentration of 100 ppm when subject gas was first introduced to the test apparatus. Adsorption speed was measured as the concentration over time. Adsorption capacity was re-adjusted to a concentration of 100 ppm once it fell to 20 ppm after starting the test, and this was repeated thereafter, with the test being completed once capacity did not drop to 20 ppm, even after 5 hours. (Always at 20oC.)